Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sod, Snyrting, Sagas and Sayings

Sod, Snyrting, Sagas and Sayings

We have moved on down the into the south central area of Iceland and having intermittent clear vs cloudy skies. 

After leaving the Geysir area, the itinerary called for driving through the Highlands area across flanks of the Hetla volcano. However, due to heavy snows this past winter, the roads are not yet open. Therefore, we diverted around the mountains onto vast plains strewn with volcanic "tefra" (material ejected from volcanoes during eruptions), broken up by rivers and verdant valleys.

Enlarge if you can - Pano of lovely waterfall at sunset 

Traditional Iceland sod chapel with falls in background

 Icelandic home constructed with stacked layers of sod, like a layer cake. Tough to mow the lawn!
Triple cascade

Self Explanatory

Likely our only way to see Arctic Fox in winter coat

Wool and handicrafts are an important item in Iceland with a multitude of shaggy sheep and lots of winter darkness to work on crafts

 Icelandic stories or the Sagas are a very important cultural heritage here and serve to pass along heritage and life lessons. Looks like James Michener helped write the book!
 The saying under the cows' heads translates to a belief that all cows are inhabited by a spirit on New Year's Eve that enables them to speak, which may drive the farmer mad!

 Lovely Lupines are everywhere and help stabilize the volcanic ash and soil.
A schooner with Russian students at anchor in "Whalers' Fjord"

Needless to say, the scenery is wonderful and the photography group is quite congenial. We are out until midnight or later every evening photographic the sights with long exposures and different techniques. We are learning a great deal from each other and our group leaders.

Barbara and Paul

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