Saturday, September 10, 2016

Jasper's Weird Medicine and Maligned Maligne

Jasper's Weird Medicine and Maligned Maligne

Jasper National Park in Alberta is another gem of the Canadian Rockies. The town by the same name is the crossroads for those planning to explore the park and those heading north to the ALCAN Highway, like yours truly. 

But Jasper has many beautiful and special places that compel one to linger a bit longer exploring its "secrets".

 One such enigma was Medicine Lake. It was thought to be an area of "powerful medicine" by early Native residents because the lake drained away each fall and   winter, only to refill during the spring and summer. As it turns out, the floor of the lake bed is so porous, that it cannot fill unless it is being replenished with snow-melt and rain at a faster rate than the water seeps out.

Just down the road is Maligne Lake, pronounced "Mah-LEEN", but with the meaning of a bad or evil place. First explored by a Mary Shaeffer, this body of water is truly breathtaking when viewing it's mirrored surface and necklace of snowy peaks.  So serene!
Those wishing to glide across the waters and explore the shoreline can bring or rent a canoe or kayak.

 We rode the excursion boat (in the background) to see more of the lake and surrounding cliffs and glaciers

 Aquamarine colored waters from silty glacier-melt and sky reflections

 Gentle ripples in side coves along the shore.

 A place called "Spirit Island" - of great, sacred significance to the indigenous peoples living in the area.

 Making waves on the excursion boat on our way back to the head of the lake.

"Lake Annette", a local's favorite with a bit of beach to encourage a bit of creativity in sand art.

Another local (female elk) enjoying some browsing along the edge of Lake Annette despite numerous folks picnicking and hiking in the vicinity.

Next, we continue our northward roaming toward northern BC and the Yukon.
Barbara and Paul


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  2. Spectacular scenery and photos.