Friday, August 26, 2016

Jewels in the Canadian Rockies

Jewels in the Canadian Rockies

(FYI - we are actually in Anchorage by now, at the end of August, but reliable internet access has been in short supply, so these blog posts are delayed.) 

While there are many beautiful places, sights and creatures in the Canadian Rockies, on our journey thus far, the finest "Jewels" have been Lakes Louise, Moraine and Emerald, in the province of Alberta.

 Colorful Welcome Sign

Lake Louise appears a bit dull without sunlight, despite the "hanging glaciers" on the mountains at center.
However, the Chateau (hotel) adds plenty of glitz 
and glam. It was built by the Canadian Railroad to 
help attract tourists to the area. 
We were not staying there, but did hear the train pass by 
our campsite(about 50 yards away!) with some frequency!

Chandelier in the hotel bar, which has a 
certain elegance and a grand view of Lake Louise.
The road leading to Lake Louise and to Moraine Lake 
divides in a "Y", just outside town, and often closes 
intermittently through the day, to control tourist traffic!

                                View of the illuminated turquoise Lake Louise from the 
                                top of the ski area across the valley on a gorgeous day

Wildflowers adorned the grassy slopes.

Paul on the other side of an electrified bear gate, since grizzly sows live in the area during the summer months. 

 Moraine Lake was carved out by glaciers long ago.

The glacier left a giant rock pile at the foot of the lake...
to be climbed by those (Paul) seeking a higher viewpoint

Semi-opaque water due to a high content of "rock-flour" 
reflects sunlight like a translucent jewel. This is a camera-phone
photo, so imagine how it appears to the human eye!

 A Plein-Air artist at work (acrylic). 
I tried not to drool onto her paint dish.

Dazzling hues in the water.
 Healthy Fungi in the forest.

Another beautiful spot nearby is Emerald Lake 

A footbridge with hanging flower baskets 
leading to a lakeside cafe called "Cilantro", 
with cheerful yellow umbrellas.

Visitors in rental canoes enjoy the sunshine 
and surrounding natural beauty.

The color of the lake in contrast to hanging baskets of fuchsia, almost vibrates!

No need to adjust your screens!

Thanks for traveling along with us.
Barbara and Paul